March 8, 2016

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April 2016 Jazz Live Preview - Jack Costanzo Latin Combustion Band [Audio]

Blog Name:Jazz Live

Blog Author:Vince Outlaw

Posted on:March 8, 2016

Our next Jazz Live San Diego is Tuesday with one of the pioneers of Latin Jazz, Mr. Bongo himself, Jack Costanzo IS OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT! He will be bringing his Latin Combustion Band in for a night of music you don't want to miss! LISTEN TO THE JAZZ LIVE PREVIEW, featuring excerpts from the biography of Jack Constanzo and music from his long career. Jazz 88.3 Members can MAKE YOUR RESERVATION FOR 2 FREE TICKETS in the Jazz 88.3 Speakeasy. Additional tickets can be purchased by calling 619-388-3743!

READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE for Links to Biographical information about Jack Costanzo and the music featured in the preview...