March 14, 2017

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Jazz Live- Peter Sprague presents "Planet Cole Porter"

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Posted on:March 14, 2017

Peter Sprague takes hold of the classic songs of Cole Porter for our next Jazz Live TONIGHT. Peter will be presenting these treasures in a new color of Samba, Funk, Salsa, and Jazz. “Just One of Those Things” swinging fast and morphing over to funk, “Love For Sale” taking a trip to Cuba, “Night and Day” arcing with the moon in get the picture. The band includes some of the best with Rebecca Jade on vocals, Tripp Sprague on sax and flute, Gunnar Biggs on bass, Duncan Moore on drums, and Peter Sprague on guitar. The show is currently SOLD OUT so please pick up your tickets before 7:30pm the night of the show to ensure entry. Please print the parking pass to make you legit.