January 3, 2020

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Jazz Live- Gilbert Castellanos and his Young Lions

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Blog Author:San Diego's Jazz 88.3

Posted on:January 3, 2020

Jazz Live is happening NOW! It features, for the first time, Gilbert Castellanos' Young Lions Jazz Conservatory Big Band to the Saville stage. Gilbert will be playing along side these tremendously talented kids. Please pick up your tickets no later than 7:30pm as they will be released to the public after that time. You need to be a valid Jazz 88 member to go to this concert. You can make your reservations in the SpeakeasyAny questions about membership can be answered by the membership team or you can call 619-388-3037. As always, thanks to Big Front Door Sandwich Shop, located in University Heights (Park Blvd.) for all of our Jazz Live artists. If you are going remember that good ole' parking pass!