April 27, 2020

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What's YOUR Silver Lining?

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Blog Author:San Diego's Jazz 88.3

Posted on:April 27, 2020

If you google 'silver lining' it tells you that it's the hopeful side of a situation when things are looking gloomy. Well, Let's remove the gloom and share the positivity. Let's hear about YOUR Silver Lining over the past few months as we all do our part staying home. If you go to the DONATE NOW PAGE and make a donation, you can share your silver lining in the note field. Plus, you can tell us your favorite artist as we are taking a poll. If times are tough to contribute financially we understand; simply e-mail us at membership@jazz88.org. We will then read your story and favorite musician on the air to share with San Diego and the world. Share your silver lining (and artist) today.