February 8, 2024

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Thurs. Feb. 8, 2024 is Day 3 of the Coltrane Legacy: Round About Midnight, We're Workin, Steamin, Coolin, and Relaxin

Miles and Trane Phase One: Oct. 1955 to the End of 1956

Coltrane circa 1955-56 while recording “’Round About Midnight” with Miles Davis’s First Great Quintet


By Matt Silver

From June to August 1954, John Coltrane records in Los Angeles with the first saxophonist whose sound he sought to emulate, Duke Ellington’s legendary alto man Johnny Hodges. Up to this point, with the exception of his bebop stint with Dizzy Gillespie from 1949 to 1951,  most of Coltrane’s formal gigs — with Earl Bostic, Billy Valentine, Gay Crosse and even with Johnny Hodges — had been very blues and dance party oriented.

This all changes in the Fall of 1955.