A Memoriam to James "Jim" Fernandes

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This page is in memoriam to James "Jim" Fernandes, one of San Diego's native sons. Jim passed peacefully back in December of 2014 as the result of a massive stroke. For the 66 years he was on the planet his existence was full of self-reinvention. Aside from his family and friends music was at the forefront of his life. He was a professional guitarist studying with Jazz master, Mundell Lowe, and he attended the Berklee College of Music. Jim lived his life to the fullest with an eclectic career spanning all different occupations and, for fun, he counted on surfing, tennis, and photography.

This page is dedicated to Jim Fernandes and we thank his wife, Sharon McFadden, and Jim for their current (and past) support of KSDS-FM. Sharon, on behalf of Jim, would like to encourage any/all KSDS listeners to become a member and/or to please contribute to Present, Preserve, and Promote the art form of Jazz and Blues at KSDS-FM, JAZZ 88.3, which is part of KSDS' Mission Statement. You can do so by donating on-line or by calling 619-388-3743.