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Saturday, July 2nd 2022 Playlist

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Midnight Hour,   July 2, 2022
0:07 AM Harry Belafonte “All My Trials” — Live in Concert- Carnegie Hall BUY
0:11 AM Trini Lopez “If I Had a Hammer” — Trini at PJ's BUY
0:20 AM Nina Simone “I Wish I Knew (How it Would Feel to Be Free)” — Silk And Soul BUY
0:23 AM Nina Simone “To Be Young, Gifted and Black” — The Essential Nina Simone BUY
0:27 AM Barb Jungr “The Times They Are A-Changin” — Man in the Long Black Coat- Sings Bob Dylan BUY
0:30 AM Sam Cooke “A Change is Gonna Come” — Portrait of a Legend- 1951-1964 BUY
7 AM Hour,   July 2, 2022
7:00 AM Stan Kenton “Trajectories” — Live Sweets Ballroom BUY
7:10 AM Stan Kenton “All the Things You Are” — Live Sweets Ballroom BUY
7:17 AM Stan Kenton “Shelly Manne” — The Innovations Orchestra BUY
7:19 AM Hal Kemp “Remember My Forgotten Man” — Brother, Can You Spare a Dime: Songs of the Depression BUY
7:23 AM Nat King Cole “Orange Colored Sky” — Stan Kenton 1950 BUY
7:26 AM Stan Kenton “Jam-Bo” — Stan Kenton 1950 BUY
7:32 AM Stan Kenton “Be Easy Be Tender” — Stan Kenton 1950 BUY
7:35 AM Stan Kenton “But Then You Kissed Me” — Stan Kenton 1950 BUY
7:38 AM Stan Kenton “Easy Go” — Stan Kenton 1950 BUY
7:41 AM Stan Kenton “June Christy” — Stan Kenton 1950 BUY
7:54 AM Stan Kenton “House of Strings” — Stan Kenton 1950 BUY
8 AM Hour,   July 2, 2022
8:03 AM June Christy “A Mile Down the Highway” — Day Dreams BUY
8:05 AM June Christy “Do It Again” — Day Dreams BUY
8:08 AM June Christy “He Can Come Back Anytime” — Day Dreams BUY
8:13 AM Stan Kenton “Love For Sale” — 1950 BUY
8:16 AM Stan Kenton “Viva Prado” — 1950 BUY
8:20 AM Stan Kenton “Round Robin” — 1950 BUY
8:24 AM Maynard Ferguson “Band Ain't Draggin'” — Band Ain't Draggin' BUY
8:26 AM Maynard Ferguson “Short Wave” — Band Ain't Draggin' BUY
8:31 AM Vido Musso “Santa Lucia” — 1950 BUY
8:35 AM Stan Kenton “Something New” — 1950 BUY
8:41 AM Stan Kenton “Jolly Rogers” — At the Rustic Cabin BUY
8:52 AM Stan Kenton “Blues in Burlesque” — Artistry in Comedy BUY
9 AM Hour,   July 2, 2022
9:04 AM Stan Kenton “Lullaby In Rhythm” — Hollywood Palladium BUY
9:06 AM Stan Kenton “What's New” — Hollywood Palladium BUY
9:06 AM Stan Kenton “Laura” — Artistry in Comedy BUY
9:16 AM Art Pepper “Pepperpot” — Over the Rainbow BUY
9:18 AM Stan Kenton “Painted Rhythm” — Hollywood Palladium BUY
9:23 AM Stan Kenton “Lover” — Hollywood Palladium BUY
9:27 AM Shorty Rogers “Take the A Train” — An Expression From Rogers BUY
9:30 AM Art Pepper “I Only Have Eyes for You” — Over the Rainbow BUY
9:35 AM Stan Kenton “Artistry in Tango” — 1950 BUY
9:38 AM Stan Kenton “September Song” — 1950 BUY
9:45 AM Stan Kenton “Orange Color Sky” — Artistry in Comedy BUY
9:49 AM Stan Kenton “Riff Rhapsody” — 1951 BUY
9:53 AM Stan Kenton “Dynaflow” — 1951 BUY
9:56 AM Stan Kenton “Laura” — 1951 BUY
10 AM Hour,   July 2, 2022
10:00 AM Nat King Cole “Hip, Hip Horray” — Straighten Up and Fly Right BUY
10:07 AM Louis Armstrong “(What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue” — Louis Armstrong- Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man BUY
10:10 AM Ethel Waters “Suppertime” — Ethel Waters #8- 1946-1947 BUY
10:13 AM Bing Crosby “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” — The Chronological Bing Crosby Vol. 11 BUY
10:19 AM Hal Kemp “Remember My Forgotten Man” — Brother, Can You Spare a Dime: Songs of the Depression BUY
10:23 AM Leslie Hutchinson “Dusty Shoes” — Begin the Beguine BUY
10:26 AM Leo Reisman and his Orchestra “God's Country” — Leo Reisman and his Orchestra BUY
10:31 AM Billie Holiday “Strange Fruit” — Commodore 4-29-39 BUY
10:34 AM Rosemary Clooney “God Bless America” — The Last Concert BUY
10:40 AM Paul Robeson-Nat Shilkret “Ballad for Americans” — Ballad for Americans BUY
10:42 AM Bing Crosby “Ballad for Americans Part 2” — Ballad for Americans- Bing Crosby BUY
10:45 AM Paul Robeson-Nat Shilkret “Ballad for Americans Part 3” — Ballad for Americans BUY
10:47 AM Bing Crosby “Ballad for Americans Part 4” — Ballad for Americans- Bing Crosby BUY
10:52 AM Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra “Any Bonds Today” — Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra BUY
10:55 AM Fats Waller “That's What The Well-Dressed Man in Harlem Will Wear” — The Victory Collection BUY
10:57 AM Tommy Dorsey “This is the Army Mr. Jones” — Live- October 9, 1942 BUY
11 AM Hour,   July 2, 2022
11:02 AM Louis Jordan “G.I. Jive” — Let The Good Times Roll - 1938-1954 BUY
11:05 AM Glenn Miller A.A.F Orchestra “American Patrol” — AAF Orchestra Christmas Live-1943 BUY
11:08 AM Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters “(There'll Be A) Hot Time in the Town of Berlin” — Bing: The Legendary Years- 1931-1957 BUY
11:14 AM Kay Kyser and his Orchestra “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” — Bell Bottom Trousers BUY
11:17 AM Kay Kyser and his Orchestra “Bell Bottom Trousers 1945” — Bell Bottom Trousers BUY
11:23 AM Earl Robinson “The House I Live In” — Americana (Keynote-Mercury) BUY
11:26 AM Frank Sinatra “The House I Live In” — The Columbia Years- 1943-1952 BUY
11:29 AM Pete Seeger “Black and White” — N/A BUY
11:35 AM Slim Gaillard Quartet “Atomic Cocktail” — Atomic Platters: Cold War Music... BUY
11:37 AM The Golden Gate Quartet “No Restricted Signs” — Swing Down, Chariot BUY
11:40 AM Hank Williams “No, No Joe” — Hank 03: MGM Sessions -1950-1951 BUY
11:45 AM Sammy Davis Jr. “New York's My Home” — The Decca Years BUY
11:48 AM Ethel Waters “The Statue of Liberty” — n/a BUY
11:52 AM Nat King Cole “My Brother” — Lush Life- Pete Rugolo Sessions BUY
11:55 AM Nat King Cole “Intro To: We are Americans Too” — 1955 Singles with Nelson Riddle BUY
11:56 AM Nat King Cole “We are Americans Too” — 1955 Singles with Nelson Riddle BUY
Noon Hour,   July 2, 2022
12:01 PM Mel Torme “West Coast is the Best Coast” — California suite BUY
12:03 PM Mel Torme “They Go To San Diego” — California suite BUY
12:35 PM Ella Fitzgerald “What's Going On” — Newport Jazz Festival Live- 1973- Live at Carnegie Hall BUY
12:39 PM Tony Bennett “Georgia Rose” — A Time For Love BUY
12:42 PM Della Reese “Compared to What” — Black is Beautiful BUY
12:46 PM Mark Murphy “Ballad of a Sad Young Man” — Bop for Kerouac- with Richie Cole BUY
12:54 PM Bing Crosby “Old Glory- 1943” — N/A BUY
12:57 PM Monty Alexander with Ernest Ranglin “Redemption Song” — Rocksteady BUY
1 PM Hour,   July 2, 2022
1:10 PM Airmen Of Note “Michaelangelo” — Global Reach BUY
1:16 PM Airmen Of Note “Watch Your Wingman” — Air Power! BUY
1:24 PM Harry Connick Jr. “I Love Paris” — True Love- A Celebration Of Cole Porter BUY
1:28 PM Emmet Cohan “After You're Gone” — N/A BUY
1:41 PM Victor Wooten “DC10” — Trypnotyx BUY
1:50 PM Freda Payne “Our Love Is Here to Stay” — Let There By Love BUY
1:57 PM Shorty Rogers “If I Only Had a Brain” — Wizard of Oz & Harold Arlen Songs BUY
2 PM Hour,   July 2, 2022
2:13 PM Alan Broadbent “Developing Story Movement 3” — Developing Story BUY
2:23 PM Alfredo Rodriguez “Thriller” — N/A BUY
2:27 PM Chick Corea “Antidote” — Antidote BUY
2:37 PM Gregory Porter “Smile” — N/A BUY
2:44 PM Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra “Mean What You Say” — Presenting... BUY
2:50 PM The Aristocrats “Louisville Stomp” — Culture Clash BUY
2:55 PM Big Phat Band “Let the Good Times Roll” — XXL BUY
6 PM Hour,   July 2, 2022
6:00 PM Big Jay McNeely “Insect Ball” — N/A BUY
6:03 PM Amos Milburn “Let's Rock Awhile” — N/A BUY
6:06 PM Woody Herman “I've Got News For You” — N/A BUY
6:09 PM T-Bone Walker “Hypin' Women Blues” — n/a BUY
6:12 PM Joe Liggins “T” — N/A BUY
6:12 PM Little Esther “Looking For a Man” — N/A BUY
6:15 PM Joe Liggins “THE HONEYDRIPPER ” — N/A BUY
6:18 PM Floyd Dixon “Tired, Broke and Busted” — N/A BUY
6:21 PM Buddy and Ella Johnson “Since I Fell For You” — N/A BUY
6:24 PM Louis Jordan “I Seen What Cha' Done” — N/A BUY
6:26 PM Camille Howard “Thrill ME” — N/A BUY
6:29 PM Roy Brown “Mighty Mighty Man” — N/A BUY
6:32 PM Percy Mayfield “Lost Mind” — N/A BUY
6:35 PM Lucky Millinder “Who Said Shorty Wasn't Coming Back” — N/A BUY
6:38 PM Ella Mae Morse “SOLID POTATO SALAD” — N/A BUY
6:41 PM King Cole Trio “Sweet Lorraine” — N/A BUY
6:44 PM Jack McVea “Open The Door, Richard” — N/A BUY
6:47 PM Helen Humes “Rock Me To Sleep” — N/A BUY
6:50 PM Ike Carpenter “MOON MIST” — N/A BUY
6:53 PM Julia Lee “Tonight's The Night” — N/A BUY
6:56 PM Paul Gayten “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” — N/A BUY
6:58 PM Cootie Williams and Johnny Mercer “He Flipped When He Shoulda Flopped” — N/A BUY
7 PM Hour,   July 2, 2022
7:00 PM Billie Holiday “Crazy He Calls Me” — N/A BUY
7:03 PM Stick McGhee “Head Happy With Wine” — N/A BUY
7:06 PM The Ravens “Old Man River” — N/A BUY
7:09 PM Charles Brown “Gee” — N/A BUY
7:12 PM Walter Brown with Ben Webster “Nasty Attitude” — N/A BUY
7:15 PM Charlie Parker “Yard Bird Suite” — N/A BUY
7:18 PM Calvin Boze “Keep Your Nose Outa My Business” — N/A BUY
7:21 PM Buddy Banks “Happy Home Blues” — N/A BUY
7:24 PM Wynonie Harris “Good Rockin' Tonight” — N/A BUY
7:27 PM Melvin Smith “It Went Down Easy” — N/A BUY
7:30 PM Lalo Guerrero “Marihuana Boogie” — N/A BUY
7:33 PM Nellie Lutcher “Hurry On Down” — N/A BUY
7:36 PM Tiny Bradshaw “Train Kept Rolling” — N/A BUY
7:39 PM Rosco Gordon “Booted” — N/A BUY
7:42 PM DOMINOES “That's What You're Doing to Me” — N/A BUY
7:45 PM Ernie Andrews “Travelin' Baby” — N/A BUY
7:48 PM Roy Milton “Groovy Blues” — N/A BUY
7:51 PM Duke Ellington “Hy'a Sue” — N/A BUY
8 PM Hour,   July 2, 2022
8:00 PM Roomful Of Blues “Give It Up” — Roomful of Blues: The First Album [Hyena] BUY
8:04 PM James Cotton “Let Yourself Go” — Giant BUY
8:07 PM James Cotton “When You Got a Good Friend” — Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes BUY
8:11 PM James Cotton “That's Alright” — Late Night Blues BUY
8:14 PM James Cotton “Buried Alive in the Blues” — Giant BUY
8:19 PM Muddy Waters “Strange Woman” — Muddy Waters Live (At Mr. Kelly's) BUY
8:25 PM Muddy Waters “Blow Wind Blow” — Muddy Waters Live (At Mr. Kelly's) BUY
8:29 PM Muddy Waters “Hoochie Coochie Man” — One More Mile BUY
8:33 PM Willie Dixon “Grave Digger Blues” — Mighty Earthquake & Hurricane BUY
8:37 PM Willie Dixon “Crazy for My Baby” — The Original Wang Dang Doodle BUY
8:40 PM Howlin' Wolf “Spoonful” — The Chess Story 1957-1964 (Boxset) BUY
8:43 PM Big Mama Thornton “Little Red Rooster” — Big Mama Thornton in Europe BUY
8:49 PM Otis Rush “Little Red Rooster” — Lost In The Blues BUY
8:54 PM Etta James “Spoonful” — Life, Love & The Blues BUY
9 PM Hour,   July 2, 2022
9:04 PM T-Bone Walker “West Side Baby” — The Complete Recordings of T-Bone Walker 1940-1954 BUY
9:07 PM Johnny Otis Quintette - Esther Phillips “Double Crossing Blues” — Mean Old World: The Blues from 1940 to 1994 BUY
9:09 PM Jimmy Witherspoon “If You Live the Life, You Pay the Price” — Jazz Me Blues: The Best Of Jimmy Witherspoon BUY
9:14 PM Sonny Boy Williamson II “The Goat” — More Real Folk Blues BUY
9:16 PM Jimmy Reed “Do the Thing” — Bright Lights, Big City BUY
9:19 PM Bill Magee “Jimmy Reed Medley” — Steppin Out BUY
9:25 PM Bobby "Blue" Bland “The Greatest” — Turn on Your Love Light: The Duke Recordings, Vol. 2 BUY
9:28 PM Lightnin' Hopkins “Don't Think I'm Crazy” — Blues Train BUY
9:34 PM Roy Milton “Blues Ain't News” — Blowin' with Roy BUY
9:37 PM Billy Boy Arnold “Worried Life Blues” — Back Where I Belong BUY
9:41 PM John Mooney “Ain't Gonna Get Drunk No More” — Comin' Your Way BUY
9:43 PM Floyd Dixon “Hey Bartender” — Wake Up And Live! BUY
9:47 PM John Lee Hooker “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” — Chill Out BUY
9:51 PM Mavis Staples “We're Gonna Make It” — You Are Not Alone BUY
9:55 PM Joe Tex “I'm Gonna Make It” — Greatest BUY
9:58 PM Marva Wright “Further on Up the Road” — Marvalous BUY
10 PM Hour,   July 2, 2022
10:02 PM Stevie Ray Vaughan - Double Trouble “Lookin' Out the Window” — Soul to Soul BUY
10:05 PM Janiva Magness “Freedom Is Just Beyond The Door” — What Love Will Do BUY
10:08 PM Robert Cray Band “Gotta Change The Rules” — Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark BUY
10:12 PM Christone KINGFISH Ingram “You're Already Gone” — 662 BUY
10:16 PM Ruthie Foster “My Kinda Lover” — Promise of a Brand New Day BUY
10:20 PM Al Green “Love And Happiness” — Take Me To The River BUY
10:26 PM Trudy Lynn “Woman's Gotta Have It” — Retrospectives BUY
10:30 PM The Impressions “Woman's Got Soul” — Greatest Hits BUY
10:31 PM Tutu Jones “She's My Woman” — I'm For Real BUY
10:34 PM Kinsey Report “My Kind of Woman” — Crossing Bridges BUY
10:39 PM Whitney Shay “Empty Hand” — A Woman Rules the World BUY
10:44 PM Shirley Brown “If I Were Your Woman” — Holding My Own BUY
10:49 PM Freddie King “I Love the Woman” — Hide Away: The Best of Freddy King BUY
10:52 PM Johnny Rawls “It's All In The Game” — Louisiana Woman BUY
10:56 PM Bettye Lavette “Serves Him Right” — A Woman Like Me BUY
11 PM Hour,   July 2, 2022
11:01 PM Daddy Mack Blues Band “Black Magic Woman” — Slow Ride BUY
11:05 PM Tinsley Ellis “Beat The Devil” — Devil May Care BUY
11:09 PM Syl Johnson “Midnight Woman” — Bridge To A Legacy BUY
11:14 PM B.B. King “Ghetto Woman” — King of the Blues [Box] BUY
11:19 PM Keb' Mo' “Kindhearted Woman Blues” — Keb' Mo' BUY
11:24 PM Junior Wells “Oh, Pretty Woman” — Better Off With The Blues BUY
11:30 PM Albert King “Cold Women With Warm Hearts” — Truckload of Lovin' BUY
11:34 PM Sista Monica Parker “Put Your Money (Where Your Mouth Is)” — Can't Keep a Good Woman Down! BUY
11:40 PM Jimi Hendricks “Once I Had A Woman” — Blues BUY
11:47 PM Bob Dylan “Just Like A Woman” — Greatest Hits BUY
11:53 PM Aretha Franklin - James Cleveland “Precious Memories” — Jubilation, Vol. 1 (Black Gospel) BUY
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