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Miff Mole situates modern jazz based improvisations and documented historical events within a flexible linear device which encourages an intriguing pre-rem meditation in deep listening. Hey man, Free Time will crush your car! Sunday 8-10pm.

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Jazz 88.3 JazzWeek Station of the Year 2014

Message from Jazz 88.3 Program Director, Claudia Russell- "We are thrilled to receive this award. The JazzWeek awards are voted on by people directly connected to the industry. Our listeners vote for us every time they tune in and we will continue to strive to give you our best."

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Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:

August 7th at 9 PM Hour
9:55 PM Francois Houle 5 + 1 “Mu-turn Revisited” — Genera BUY
9:50 PM Rich Halley “Before Dawn” — Mountains and Plains BUY
9:45 PM The Nels Cline 4 “Furtive” — Currents, Constellations BUY
9:35 PM Jason Roebke Octet “High/Red/Center” — High Red Center BUY
9:29 PM Mary Halvorson & Stephan Crump “Secret Keeper” — Super Eight BUY
9:25 PM JD Allen “The Rule of Thirds” — Bloom BUY
9:18 PM Kneebody “Still Play” — The Line BUY
9:14 PM Rudresh Mahanthappa “Both Hands” — Bird Calls BUY
9:02 PM Stephen Haynes “Invocation” — Parrhesia BUY
August 7th at 8 PM Hour
8:57 PM Jason Adasiewicz's Sun Rooms “The Volunteer” — Spacer BUY
8:53 PM Gordon Grdina & Mark Helias “Leisure Park” — No Difference BUY
8:42 PM Kris Davis “Berio” — Waiting For You To Grow BUY
8:38 PM Ralph Alessi & Fred Hersch “Calder” — Only Many BUY
8:31 PM Dave Holland “Choir” — Prism BUY
8:27 PM Daniel Levin Quartet “Out to Lunch” — Some Trees BUY
8:22 PM Michael Dessen Trio “Restless Years” — Between Shadow and Space BUY
8:10 PM Phillip Johnston “Chillbone” — Phillip Johnston's Big Trouble BUY
8:00 PM Bobby Bradford & John Carter “Ode To The Flower Maiden” — Comin' On BUY
July 31st at 9 PM Hour
9:55 PM Medeski, Martin, Wood “Philly Cheese Blunt” — The Dropper BUY
9:49 PM John Zorn “Two Lane Highway: Hico Killer/Long Mile To Houston” — Spillane BUY
9:44 PM Ben Monder “Tumid Cenobite” — Amorphae BUY
9:37 PM Bill Dixon “Sine Qua Non” — Papyrus Volume 1 BUY
9:30 PM Rova “Swang” — From The Bureau Of Both BUY
9:26 PM The Kandinsky Effect “WK51” — Synesthesia BUY
9:21 PM Matthew Shipp “Patmos” — Art of the Improviser BUY
9:13 PM Liberty Ellman “Translator” — Orthodoxy BUY
9:05 PM The Vandermark 5 “Saturn” — Free Jazz Classics Vol. 1 BUY
July 31st at 8 PM Hour
8:59 PM Sun Ra “The Eternal Sphynx” — Crystal Spears BUY
8:55 PM Art Ensemble Of Chicago “Jackson In Your House” — Live At The 6th Tokyo Music Joy '90 BUY

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