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About The Program
Miff Mole
Miff Mole
Miff Mole situates modern jazz based improvisations and documented historical events within a flexible linear device which encourages an intriguing late night meditation in deep listening. Hey man, Free Time will crush your car! Connect to the Free Time Facebook page.

Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:
March 24th at 11 PM Hour
11:58 PM The Lounge Lizards “Carry Me Out” — No Pain For Cakes
11:52 PM John Coltrane “Sun Ship” — Sun Ship
11:44 PM Fred Anderson “Rusty Swing” — Chicago Chamber Music (disk 2)
11:35 PM Curlew “Bringing It All Backbone” — Live In Berlin
11:31 PM Rich Halley 4 “Radioactive” — Eleven
11:24 PM Starlicker “Double Demon” — Double Demon
11:12 PM Ornette Coleman “Song X” — Sound Grammar
11:06 PM Sam Rivers “Flux” — Waves
11:02 PM Henry Threadgill “Hall” — Easily Slip Into Another World
March 24th at 10 PM Hour
10:58 PM Anthony Braxton “Miss Ann” — The Complete Arista Recordings Of Anthony Braxton
10:52 PM Rich West “Curly” — Bedouin Hornbook
10:48 PM Jeff Parker “Watusi” — Like-Coping
10:42 PM Vinny Golia “Constant Companion” — Worldwide and Portable
10:37 PM Trio 3 “Dance 2” — Open Ideas
10:32 PM Jonathan Finlayson & Sicilian Defense “Tyre” — Moment & The Message
10:28 PM Franklin Kiermyer “The Soul Train” — Closer to the Sun
10:24 PM Marilyn Crispell / Gary Peacock / Paul Motian “Cartoon” — Nothing Ever Was, Anyway
10:17 PM John Coltrane “After The Rain” — Impressions
10:13 PM Paul Motian “Blue Midnight” — Trio Ism
10:09 PM String Trio Of New York “Peggys's Blues Skylight” — Time Never Lies
10:04 PM Erik Friedlander “After Hours” — Quake
10:00 PM J.D. Allen “Paseillo” — The Matador and the Bull
March 17th at 11 PM Hour
11:51 PM Borah Bergman with Andrew Cyrille “When Autumn Comes” — The Human Factor
11:46 PM The Daniel Rosenboom Septet “Ideology” — Fallen Angeles
11:41 PM Bill Dixon “Negoro Codex” — Son Of Sisyphus
11:37 PM e.s.t. “Where We Used To Live” — Tuesday Wonderland
11:32 PM The Aoki/Wong/Pavkovic Trio “Wheat Thin” — Urban Reception
11:19 PM Brad Dutz “Mutilated Grass” — When Manatees Attack
11:03 PM Brad Dutz “What Ever Happened To The Station Wagon?” — Obliteration Percussion Quartet
March 17th at 10 PM Hour
10:58 PM Brad Dutz “Noodle Chest” — Obliteration Percussion Quartet

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