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Miff Mole
Miff Mole
Miff Mole situates modern jazz based improvisations and documented historical events within a flexible linear device which encourages an intriguing late night meditation in deep listening. Hey man, Free Time will crush your car! Connect to the Free Time Facebook page.

Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:
January 13th at 11 PM Hour
11:57 PM Sun Ra “Bassism” — The Futuristic Sounds Of Sun Ra
11:52 PM Figure 8 (ROVA X 4) “Head Count - for Albert Ayler and Pete Townsend” — Pipe Dreams
11:47 PM Medeski, Martin, Wood “Shacklyn Knights” — The Dropper
11:43 PM Bill Dixon “Moment” — Vade Mecum 1
11:39 PM Jeff Denson & Claudio Puntin “Plan B” — Two
11:33 PM Fly “Lone” — Fly
11:29 PM Rich West “Curly” — Bedouin Hornbook
11:25 PM Jeff Parker “Pinecone” — Like-Coping
11:21 PM Bertram Turetzky, Vinny Golia “Intersection 4, For Alto Clarinet & Double Bass” — Intersections
11:14 PM David S. Ware “Quadrahex” — Go See The World
11:03 PM Henry Threadgill, Zooid “Polymorph” — This Brings Us To, Vol. II
January 13th at 10 PM Hour
10:56 PM Erik Friedlander “Skin 1” — Skin
10:50 PM Jimmy Giuffre 3 “Sonic” — Jimmy Giuffre 3, 1961
10:46 PM Aram Shelton's Fast Citizens “Vrc#9” — Two Cities
10:42 PM Sarah Manning “Through The Keyhole” — The Dogwalk
10:36 PM Steve Lehman Octet “Segregated and Sequential” — Mise en Abime
10:31 PM Tomeka Reid Quartet “Billy Bang's Bounce” — Tomeka Reid Quartet
10:24 PM Andrea Centazzo West Coast Chamber Jazz Trio “Rumbling” — L.A. Strictly Confidential
10:22 PM James Falzone's Klang “No Milk” — Tea Music
10:15 PM String Trio Of New York “Peggys's Blues Skylight” — Time Never Lies
10:09 PM Buell Neidlinger “Tienanmen Bop” — Big Drum
10:05 PM e.s.t. “Goldwrap” — Tuesday Wonderland
10:00 PM John Coltrane “After The Rain” — Impressions
January 6th at 11 PM Hour
11:51 PM Crispell / Dresser / Hemingway “Composition 108C/110/69Q” — Play Braxton
11:44 PM Henry Threadgill Sextet “The Devil Is On The Loose And Dancing With A Monkey” — Rag Bush And All
11:35 PM The Vandermark Quartet “Le Saucisse De Fer” — Solid Action
11:28 PM Charles Gayle Quartet “Our Sins” — Daily Bread
11:21 PM Bobby Previte “Pichl” — Empty Suits
11:13 PM Mark Dresser Seven “Trumpinputinstoopin” — Sedimental You
11:09 PM Mark Dresser “Flocus” — Force Green

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