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Miff Mole situates modern jazz based improvisations and documented historical events within a flexible linear device which encourages an intriguing pre-rem meditation in deep listening. Hey man, Free Time will crush your car! Sunday 8-10pm.

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Jazz 88.3 JazzWeek Station of the Year 2014

Message from Jazz 88.3 Program Director, Claudia Russell- "We are thrilled to receive this award. The JazzWeek awards are voted on by people directly connected to the industry. Our listeners vote for us every time they tune in and we will continue to strive to give you our best."

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Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:

December 4th at 9 PM Hour
9:54 PM Liz Gorrill “Pulsation” — Dream Flight BUY
9:44 PM Tim Hagans “Trumpet Sandwich” — Re-Animation: Live BUY
9:33 PM Dave Liebman “New Age” — Live At MCG BUY
9:20 PM Wadada Leo Smith “Lake Superior” — The Great Lakes Suites BUY
9:10 PM Abdullah Ibrahim “Yukio Khalifa” — The Banyana: Children Of Africa BUY
9:00 PM Rich Halley “Rimrocks” — Coyotes In The City BUY
December 4th at 8 PM Hour
8:56 PM John Lindberg “Ceilings” — Dodging Bullets BUY
8:46 PM Empty Cage Quartet “Again A Gun Again A Gun Again A Gun” — Stratostrophic BUY
8:32 PM Kris Davis “Propaganda And Chicklets” — Waiting For You To Grow BUY
8:22 PM Andrew Lamb “Portrait In The Mist” — Portrait in the Mist BUY
8:09 PM Horace Tapscott “Peyote Song No. III” — The Call BUY
8:00 PM MIFF MOLE “FT 8PM 120422” BUY
8:00 PM Hotel X “Thembi” — Residential Suite BUY
November 27th at 9 PM Hour
9:56 PM JD Allen “Bigger Thomas” — Americana (Musings on Jazz and Blues) BUY
9:46 PM Old & New Dreams “Law Years” — A Tribute To Blackwell BUY
9:37 PM Ideal Bread “Papa's Midnite Hop” — Transmit- The Music Of Steve Lacy BUY
9:27 PM Benoit Delbeq “Biobeat” — Circles and Calligrams BUY
9:18 PM Henry Threadgill “Spotted Dick Is Pudding” — Easily Slip Into Another World BUY
9:08 PM Sam Rivers “Mellifluous Cacophony” — Contours BUY
November 27th at 8 PM Hour
8:59 PM The Aoki/Wong/Pavkovic Trio “Francis Who?” — Urban Reception BUY
8:50 PM Aram Shelton “Western Promenade” — Two Cities BUY
8:40 PM Ornette Coleman/Joachim Kuhn “Refills” — Colors - Live In Leipzig BUY
8:29 PM Andrew Hill “Ry Round 1” — Time Lines BUY
8:20 PM Rich West “Friends Of The Vacuum” — Bedouin Hornbook BUY
8:09 PM Drew Gress “Low Slung/High Strung” — 7 Black Butterflies BUY
8:00 PM Anthony Ortega “Ornithology” — Afternoon In Paris BUY
November 20th at 9 PM Hour
9:56 PM JD Allen “The Dreamer” — Bloom BUY
9:32 PM Glenn Spearman “Horus” — Mystery Project BUY
9:27 PM Darren Johnston “Rubber Bullets” — The Big Lift BUY
9:22 PM Paul Motian “Introspection” — Europe BUY

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