June 9, 2023

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Lou Curtiss Documentary

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Posted on:June 9, 2023

Yale Strom (“The Last Klezmer”, “American Socialist: The Life & Times of Eugene Victor Debs”) explores the life and work of Lou Curtiss in a documentary called "Recordially, Yours- Lou Curtiss."  Here's a trailer for the film.  Lou was the creator of the San Diego Folk Festival, Adams Ave. Unplugged Festival, audiophile, folklorist, author, raconteur, radio host and proprietor of Folk Arts Rare Records, a mecca for some of the most celebrated American roots musicians in America (Jack Tempchin, Jason Mraz, Tom Brousseau, A.J. Croce, George Winston, Sue Palmer, Alison Brown, Tomcat Courtney, Tom Waits, Gregory Page, Mike Seeger, Sam Hinton, Sam Chatmon and many others). Archival footage, live interviews and music tell the story of this San Diego icon and unsung hero. The film opens on June 23rd at Digital Gym CinemaHere is a link for tickets and information.