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2012-05-14 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw , Social Media Marketing ManagerPosted on: May 14, 2012
Lots of great New being added to the Jazz 88 Playlist this week, including guitarist Broom, a killer large ensemble from Budman / Levy Orchestra, and international Jazz from Jazz 88 friend Cheryl Pyle with Kazhargan World! Check out the debut of this batch on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, May 14, 2012 6-8 PM PT!

(Tenth release as leader, and first recording of entirely original compositions. -
Straight-ahead trio session). – Origin

(Orchestra highlighting the current generation of dynamic L.A. jazz musicians.
Features a wide-range of compositions and arrangements, showcasing nine of
Levy’s originals). – OA2 Records

(Collective trio project by Thomas Marriott, Mark Taylor and Matt Jorgenson.
West coast jazz that features eight original compositions recorded live in Seattle
at the 2011 Earshot Jazz Festival). – Origin

(Pianist with his second album as leader. The trio features six modern creative
jazz originals and a reworking of two covers.) - Independent

(Montreal based saxophonist leading a quartet featuring a straight-ahead, tight
knit set of ten originals and one standard). – Origin

(Multi-instrumentalist leading a quartet in his eleventh title as leader, and first on
his new label. Mix of originals and other jazz tunes.) – Plastic Sax Records

(N.Y. based alto-saxophonist session offering a straight-ahead collection of
six originals and two jazz classics by Wayne Shorter and Bronislaw Kaper). –
Wepa Records

(Alto saxophonist leading a quintet with an organic blend of mostly originals). –
Artists Recording Collective

(Vocalist backed by an all-star cast of veterans on her fourth release. features a
dozen classical melodies and familiar standards). - Motema

(Creative trumpeter/composer with a progressive 4-disc live release performed
over the course of three concerts. The compositions are offered up in a variety
of settings, with performances by his Golden Quartet/Quintet, and Southwest
Chamber Music conducted by Jeff Von Der Schmidt). – Cuneiform

(Twin city guitarist offering a double dose of all original compositions. The two
volumes take the music into two different directions. “Quartet” offers a more
composed, post bop jazz approach, while “Quintet” has a rock fusion orientation).
- Independent

(International collective project spearheaded by Russian pianist Stanislav
Zaslavsky. Features flautist Cheryl Pyle). -Dewey Records
2012-05-07 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw , Social Media Marketing ManagerPosted on: May 7, 2012
Looks like there is some fun ("FROMAGE"), creative ("SMASHUP"), and swingin' ("WOBBLE WALKIN") NEW, along with some other great prospects in the new adds to the Jazz 88 music library this week. Check them out on The New Jazz Thing 6-8PM PT, Monday, May 7, 2012!

straight-ahead mix of standards and originals).

AMINA FIGAROVA – “TWELVE” (Another great recording by this pianist/composer/
arranger. All her originals, straight-ahead).

EDDIE GOMEZ – “PER SEMPRE” (Bassist, leading a quintet, in a straight-ahead
collection of band originals).

CHRIS HAZELTON TRIO – “PEREGRINATION” (Organ/guitar trio, doing straight-
ahead originals and standards).

GILAD HEKSELMAN – “HEARTS WIDE OPEN” (Guitarist, leading a quartet, in a
straight-ahead, somewhat edgy collection of originals).

RANDY HOEXTER GROUP – “FROMAGE” (Imaginative jazz arrangements of goofy
pop tunes from the 70’s [i.e, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy…Billy Don’t Be A Hero}, but
very well done). (Fromage – “cheese” in French).

JAZZ PUNKS – “SMASHUP” (Edgy re-workings of familiar Jazz tunes). (Frank A. Matzner): "...successfully baited the hook..."

REYNOLD D. PHILIPSEK – “LAST SUMMER” (Guitarist, leading various
configurations, in a collection of originals).

JOHN PIZZARELLI – “DOUBLE EXPOSURE” (Crooner/guitarist focuses on new

DUKE ROBILLARD JAZZ TRIO – “WOBBLE WALKIN’” (Guitarist, in a straight-
ahead session of originals and standards).

leading an edgy session, featuring Ponty originals and others).
Our Music Director, Joe Kocherhans, will be in Europe!
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 BlogAuthor: Posted on: May 7, 2012
Attention to all our European fans and listeners! Our music director, Joe Kocherhans, will be across the pond during the month of May and may be near you. If you’re interested in a meet n’ greet sort of thing, he’ll be in these towns during the following dates:

May 9 - 13: Dubrovnik, Croatia
May 14-16: Split, Croatia
May 17-19: Bruges, Belgium
May 20-22: Brussels, Belgium
May 23-25: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
May 26-27: Sligo, Ireland
May 28: Donegal, Ireland
May 29-30: Dunfanaghy, Ireland
May 31: Belfast, Northern Ireland
June 1: Dublin, Ireland

Shoot him an email at joek at jazz88 dot org if you’re interested in meeting up with him!
2012-04-30 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw , Social Media Marketing ManagerPosted on: April 30, 2012
Happy Inaugural International Jazz Day!!! Here is the historic lineup of NEW Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library for this week and that we will be featuring on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, April 30, 2012 between 6 and 8 PM PT!

PLAYED LITTLE BIRD” (Drummer-led quartet featuring a beautiful set of rarely heard
gems from Ornette Coleman’s catalog. Origin Records release).

English horn player leading a progressive chamber ensemble (Wrack) with unusual
instrumentation. Porter Records release).

ROMAIN COLLIN – “THE CALLING” (Edgy piano trio, doing mostly originals).

SARAH ELGETI QUINTET – “INTO THE OPEN” (Danish female reed player, leading
a variety of ensembles in original material).

STEVE KUHN TRIO – “WISTERIA” (Piano trio recording, doing mostly straight-ahead

DAVIE LIEBMAN-NANCY REED – “NEIGHBORS” (Female vocalist, backed by
saxophone-led quartet, doing straight-ahead standards).

SHAWN MONTEIRO – “TO CARMEN WITH LOVE” (Female vocalist, backed by
piano trio, doing standards in tribute to Carmen McRae).

heading a quartet with Cedar, doing a straight-ahead collection of standards and

BRIA SKONBERG – “SO IS THE DAY” (Female vocalist/trumpeter, doing a collection
of mostly originals).

MARY STALLINGS – “DON’T LOOK BACK” (Female vocalist, backed by an all-star
trio, doing standards and jazz tunes).

CURTIS STIGERS – “LET’S GO OUT TONIGHT” (Male vocalist, doing jazzy versions
of country tunes).

TOM TALLITSCH – “HEADS OR TAILS” (Saxophonist, backed by an organ trio with
Jared Gold, doing all originals, save one Neil Young tune).

UN X PECTED BRAZILIAN PROJECT – “UNITE” (Collaborative project between a
Swedish guitarist & drummer, featuring an ensemble doing collective Brazilian grooves
as well as open improvisations. Kopasetic Productions release).

JENS WENDELBOE BIG BAND – “FRESH HEAT” (Straight-ahead big band, doing
originals and jazz tunes, with a couple of great vocal tracks featuring Deb Lyons).

SPIKE WILNER – “LA TENDRESSE” (Piano trio, with a mix of originals and jazz
2012-04-23 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw , Social Media Marketing ManagerPosted on: April 22, 2012
Dig the Dionne Warwick Jazz vocal disc in the pile of New adds to the Jazz 88 playlist this week...Cool! Check out as many of these as we debut this Monday, April 23, 2012, 6-8 PM PT, on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw!

(Trumpeter, backed by Tri-Fi, doing a straight-
ahead collection of originals).

CRISTINA MORRISON – “I LOVE” (Female vocalist, doing mostly originals, with a
couple of fresh takes on standards).

GUNNAR MOSSBLAD – “CROSSCURRENTS” (Saxophone-led quartet, doing
straight-ahead band originals).

HAILEY NISWANGER – “THE KEEPER” (Female sax player, leading a quartet/
quintet, doing all but 3 straight-ahead originals).

MILES OKAZAKI – “FIGURATIONS” (Guitarist, leading quartet, doing edgy material,
recorded live).

DANIEL ORI – “EMUNA” (Bassist, leading a quintet, with Mark Turner and Oz Noy,
doing all straight-ahead originals. On the edgy side).

JAMIE SHEW – “A PLACE FOR ME” (Female vocalist, doing the Great American
Songbook, with one Jobim tune, as well).

ANDREW SWIFT – “SWIFT KICK” (Drummer-led session, doing an edgy collection of
originals and jazz tunes).

THREE VOICES – “TRANSITIONS” (Flugelhorn/vibes/bass trio, doing a collection of
straight-ahead standards, jazz tunes and originals).

DIONNE WARWICK – “ONLY TRUST YOUR HEART” (Legendary vocalist, doing
mostly Sammy Cahn tunes). (William Ruhlmann): "She ignores previous interpretations, making each song her own."
2012-04-16 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw , Social Media Marketing ManagerPosted on: April 16, 2012
Lots of great NEW JAZZ MUSIC being added to the Jazz 88 Music Library this week, including new music from San Diego pianist Geoffrey Keezer (with his longtime collaborator vibest Joe Locke) and some Jazzy covers of the baddest Curtis Mayfield! And you can get a taste of it when they are debuted TONIGHT, Monday April 16, 2012 on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, 6-8PM PT!!

MINA AGOSSI – “RED EYES” (Female vocalist, with an eclectic mix of tunes, backed
on a couple by Archie Shepp).

SUSIE ARIOLI – “NIGHT LIGHTS” (Female vocalist, doing a collection of standards,
with gypsy-style arrangements).

quintet in his usual straight-ahead collection of Hard Bop classics).

BENOIT DELBECQ – “BECAUSE SHE HOPED” (Piano/clarinet duet recording, doing
all progressive originals).

the group in all progressive originals).

BRIAN HO – “ORGANIC” (Organist, leading a quartet, doing straight-ahead originals, a
couple of jazz classics and an Amy Winehouse tune).

interpretations of the Soul master’s classics).

DARIUS JONES QUARTET – “BOOK OF MAE’BUL” (Quartet, doing all progressive

STEVE LEHMAN TRIO – “DIALECT FLUORESCENT” (Sax/bass/drum trio, doing
progressive originals, with 3 jazz tunes and one standard).

JOE LOCKE/GEOFFREY KEEZER GROUP – “SIGNING” (Vibist/pianist, leading a
quartet, in a straight-ahead collection of originals and jazz tunes). (Dan Bilawsky): "This music can be explosive, earthy, driven, touching or terrifying, but, most importantly, it's always unpredictable.
leading a variety of ensembles, paying tribute to the late pianist).

RHIANNON – “SPONTANEOUS” (Hawaiian female vocalist, doing progressive
interpretations of her owns songs).

ERI YAMOMOTO TRIO – “THE NEXT PAGE” (Piano trio, doing all straight-ahead
original material).
Connect to San Diego's Jazz 88.3
Blog Name: Home Page NewsAuthor: San Diego's Jazz 88.3 Posted on: April 14, 2012
Another way to join San Diego's Jazz 88.3 is with the listening stream.  Recent improvements include upping the bitrate and offering more ways to listen via the web. You can bookmark the actual stream or use our Jazz 88 player. Going social you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and +1 us on Google Plus  and there we are on YouTube! In response to listener calls, yes, we're still on cable; Cox 963 and Time Warner 965.'ll never miss a Jazz Live.
2012-04-09 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw , Social Media Marketing ManagerPosted on: April 9, 2012

Lots of great new Jazz music being added to the Jazz 88 Music Library this week and featured prominently on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, April 9, 2012, 6 to 8 PM PT!

DIRTY DOZEN BRASS BAND – “TWENTY DOZEN” (Contemporary, hard-groovin’ brass band, New Orleans style, with some vocal tracks).

JOHNATHAN BLAKE – “THE ELEVENTH HOUR” (Drummer-led quintet, featuring special guests doing mainstream originals and other jazz tunes, performed in a straight-ahead manner).

PETER DANEMO – “LED: THE OCEAN” (Swedish drummer leading a sextet, featuring improvised Led Zeppelin-music with Indian influences. Mostly night & evening day parted).

DEVIN GRAY – “DIRIGO RATAPLAN” - (Drummer’s first date as leader, doing a set of all progressive originals with a great line-up). (Hrayr Attarian)Dirigo Rataplan is an eloquent debut from an immensely talented musician. Hopefully this is just the introduction to an impressive oeuvre to come.

JOYRIDE – “ARE YOU FER IT” (Male vocalists/instrumentalists, doing mostly swing classics).

DAYNA KURTZ – “SECRET CANON, VOL.1” (Male vocalist/guitarist, doing blues-based vocal standards).

TONY MONACO – “CELEBRATION” (Organist, in a double-disc release, doing straight-ahead hard grooves).

JEFF PARKER TRIO – “BRIGHT LIGHT IN WINTER” - (Chicago guitarist and his trio’s third release of collective edgy originals)

ELLYNE PLOTNICK – “I WILL” (Female vocalist, doing minimalist (guitar/bass) versions of originals and 3 standards).

JUDI SILVANO – “INDIGO MOODS” (Mrs. Joe Lovano, doing minimalist (piano/trumpet) versions of the Great American Songbook).

MICHAEL TRENI BIG BAND – “BOY’S NIGHT OUT” (Swingin’ big band, doing a mix of standards and originals).

2012-04-02 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw , Social Media Marketing ManagerPosted on: March 30, 2012
A great mix of styles, instruments, and ensemble sizes in the new adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library, which you can hear Monday, April 2, 2012, 6 to 8 PM PT on The New Jazz Thing on Jazz 88 (with Jeff Dalrymple sitting in for VO...thanks Jeff...and maybe drummer Jeff will tell a drum story when he plays drummer Pete Zimmer's New)!

Cyrus Chestnut – “Quartet” (Pianist, leading a straight-ahead quartet sessions, doing all originals).

James Danderfer Trio – “Swingin’ At The Patricia” (Clarinetist, with piano and drums, doing vintage Jazz, recorded live).

Peter Donaghy – “I Still Hear The Tune” (Albany, New York guitarist, leading a quartet, in a straight-ahead mix of standards and originals).

Epicenter Featuring Bruce Mishkit – “Just The Beginning” (Sextet, doing a collection of straight-ahead band originals).

Jared Gold – “Golden Child” (Organ/guitar trio, doing a straight-ahead collection of originals, jazz tunes and standards, old and new).

Randy Napoleon – “The Jukebox Crowd” (Guitarist, leading a septet, with a straight-ahead collection of originals and standards).

Melissa Stylianou – “Silent Time” (Female vocalist, doing a straight-ahead, eclectic mix of tunes).

“Introducing The Eyal Vilner Big Band” (Swinging big band, with a mix of originals and standards).

Pete Zimmer – “Prime Of Life” (Drummer, leading a quartet, doing a straight-
ahead collection of band originals). (Dan MCClenaghan): "...Zimmer's fifth recording as a leader, has a clean, crisp, soulful sound. The players of the quartet—all top-notch musicians—meld their talents into a polished cohesion. Zimmer is a fine drummer capable of impeccable timekeeping and intricate, though usually subtle percussive flourishes. Zimmer's music, with its tight grooves, sounds like heartland jazz, like the quintessentially American sound of an organ trio—without, in this case, the Hammond B3 breathing into the mix."
Next Week on Barry Farrar's Percussive Profiles - Bernard "Pretty" Purdie!
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 BlogAuthor: Posted on: March 27, 2012
Next week, April 3rd on Barry Farrar's Percussive Profiles at 10pm PT, legendary drummer Bernard "Pretty" Purdie will be live in the studio for an exclusive interview. You do not want to miss this!

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